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Used since the 1500s, early versions being made of silver, wood and animal skins! Modern ultra-thin silicone shields transfer milk effectively, have high levels of maternal satisfaction, and allow baby to alternate easily between shield and breast.

Also used for a variety of problems such as sore nipples, prematurity, oversupply, and transitioning infants from the bottle to the breast. The shield is not seen when breastfeeding, enabling mothers and their babies to resemble any other nursing team.

The Coro is a revolutionary shield with inbuilt flow measurement – the only product on the market giving accurate, precise, and real-time data. It can be used as regularly or intermittently as desired. Check in once a day, week or month to find out how feeding volumes are changing.

The Coro provides you with reassurance that baby is getting enough, or an early indicator to seek assistance if needed.

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