Coro Breastfeeding Monitor

The only one to measure feeds accurately!



Cutting edge technology

Coro is a revolutionary shield with inbuilt flow measurement – the only product on the market giving accurate, precise, and real-time data. It can be used as regularly or intermittently as desired. Check in once a day, week or month to find out how feeding volumes are changing.

Coro provides you with reassurance that baby is getting enough, or an early indicator to seek assistance if needed.

Nipple Shield
Used since the 1500s, early versions being made of silver, wood and animal skins!
Modern ultra-thin silicone shields transfer milk effectively, have high levels of maternal satisfaction, and allow baby to alternate easily between shield and breast.
Also used for a variety of problems such as sore nipples, prematurity, oversupply, and transitioning infants from the bottle to the breast. ​​
The shield is not seen when breastfeeding, enabling mothers and their babies to resemble any other nursing team.

“As a first time mother, I found breastfeeding incredibly rewarding but equally challenging. It is full of unknowns with only very basic means to measure how effective and successful our feeding experience was progressing. A method to accurately measure milk would have given me much needed peace of mind, I so dearly needed it at a time when everything is new and your worries are many. I’ll definitely be investing in a Coro next time around.”

Ciara - new mum

Beautiful product scientifically proven

“I am a working mother and ended up going back to work when my baby was less that 4 months old. I was still determined to breastfeed as much as I could but understood my baby would also have to have some formula when I didn’t have enough expressed. When I heard about Coro I thought wow! This might really have helped me understand how much breastmilk my baby is getting compared to formula. I think it’s an amazing idea and I would love to try the Coro if I have another baby.”

Niamh, US

Why Coro is Revolutionary

A revolutionary device

Imagine a standard nipple shield which tells you how much milk flows through it – this is Coro!
Our patented sensor is non-invasive and tiny.  The size of the feed-area is no different to shields currently available and the device can be used in exactly the same way.
No need for wires or chargers as the unit is completely self-contained.

Our user-friendly app

Connect to Coro with your phone and the device will start to measure instantly and show milk volume in real-time.
You can switch between breasts by clicking Left or Right and it will track volume separately for each.
You can also select the Timeline screen to see feed duration, time, and volume over previous days or weeks.

Informative data

Along with information around individual feeds, you also want to know how things are changing and how they compare.
Using our Cloud-based analytics we can show you how you feeds have varied over time and how they compare with babies of a similar age.
Other useful information is available such as left/right balance and typical feed profile, to remove the guesswork from breastfeeding!

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What our customers say

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you won't find any better!

Carly Young,ThemeNectar

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